How to Clean Your Shower Head
Is your shower head in need of a bit of TLC? Follow these simple steps and your shower head will be sparkling in no time!  How to know it’s time to clean your shower head? Your showerhead will show clear signs of...
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Why You Need a Filtered Shower Head
Photo by: lifeofacherrywife via Instagram  Does your hair and skin feel dry after taking a shower? The problem might not be you, it could be your shower. An overwhelming 85% of the USA has hard water, so the likelihood that you...
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What Are Shower Head Beads For?
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ellen | interiors styling (@ellenblisshome)   These bead-like looking things are bioactive mineral balls consisting of anion, ceramic and tourmaline stones. Now you might ask, what are they doing in your shower...
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