Top Bathroom Trends for 2022

If the beginning of 2022 is inspiring you to switch things up, then we’re here to get you all set with the latest bathroom trends.

From marble to statement wallpaper, here's what to expect in the world of bathroom interiors in 2022:

  1. Make a statement with marble 

Opt for opulence with white and grey shades of marble. The material has a sophisticated feel that can elevate any space. If you the space to ooze  modern luxury, fuse fixtures that contrast against marble tones. This will add visual and tactile texture to the room.

  1. Create a spa-like retreat


While keeping it simple is the key, features that create a spa-like retreat are a must-have in 2022. Build on the mindfulness trend and enhance your bathroom with objects that promote relaxation. Aromatherapy candles and natural elements are at the top of our list.  

 3. Be bold with wallpaper

  • If you love eclectic interiors, then go for bold wallpaper. Nothing makes metallic accents pop like a colorful patterned backdrop. Don't be afraid to clash prints and introduce statement furniture and art prints to create a playful space.  

    1. Blend old and new


    Don’t be afraid to mix modern and antique furniture. Furniture that adds an unexpected layer of visual interest start up conversations. Bring in some vintage pieces to your modern bathroom. Master mixing different eras and styles to create a timeless space. Trends come and go, but key styles of interior design endure.

    1. Add fun with bold colour, patterns and statement furniture


    Who's to say that a bathroom can't be fun? All-white bathrooms are a thing of the past. Now is the time to go bold with a saturated colour or playful patterns. The addition of more color in the bathroom isn't just limited to walls and cabinets. Use textiles like vintage rugs to add warmth to the space. 

    1. Go sustainable

    Sustainability is key in the year ahead. It’s time to be more eco-conscious and opt for sustainable and eco-friendly materials wherever possible. Choose quality pieces that are made from sustainable materials and will survive the test of time.

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