Why You Need a Filtered Shower Head

Lady Holding a Showery Shower Head

Photo by: lifeofacherrywife via Instagram 

Does your hair and skin feel dry after taking a shower? The problem might not be you, it could be your shower.

An overwhelming 85% of the USA has hard water, so the likelihood that you live in a state or city with hard water is high. Your water could contain impurities, metals and chemicals that strip the skin and hair of their natural nutrients and oil. The pore opening effect of warm water and steam gives a freeway for these harmful intruders to permeate your skin cells. This brings about dryness, flaking, hair problems, and even diseases like eczema. That’s why shower head filters are a must - the easiest and cheapest way to soft shower water that protects your skin from being devoid of moisture.

 But what is a shower filter?

A shower head filter ensures the water flowing through is free of chlorine and other chemical contaminants, by passing it through a filtration system. 

What are the benefits?
After installing your shower filter you'll notice it can:
  • Reduce skin irritation and dryness
  • Relieve psoriasis and eczema
  • Reduce scalp flakiness
  • Prevent dry hair and breakage
  • Improve hair shine and reduces frizz
  • Help to maintain hair colour/tone on freshly dyed hair
  • Reduce exposure to bacteria 
Showery filtered shower heads are affordable and can save you money on hair and skin treatments. They are simple to install and don’t require a plumber.  When you need to replace the filter, you simply unscrew your current shower head, replace the old filter and then screw the shower head back together again.
Types of shower filters
You can choose between cotton filters or mineral stone filters. Showery showerheads use these two across our range of eco-friendly showerheads for a rejuvenating shower experience every time you need it.
Mineral Stone Filtration
Our mineral stone formula of anion, ceramic and tourmaline stones. The mineral stones can significantly reduce water impurity, chlorine, and bacteria which can lead to damaged hair and dry skin. The Showery shower heads that you can choose from are Showery EcoFlow, Ionic Shower Head and Turbo Charged Shower Head.
Mineral Stones 
PP Cotton Filters
Our PP cotton filters provide triple fine filtration to remove the impurities in your shower water. Our shower heads that use this technology are Showery Eco Boost, Showery Turbo, Turbo Charged Shower Head and Propeller Driven Shower Head.
When is it time for a change?
Both these filter technologies can last up to 12 months depending on usage  and the area in which you live. But if you see buildup of dirt or limescale on your mineral stones, it’s time to replace them. Similarly, once your PP cotton filter goes brown, it’s time to replace it.
Showery offers a range of packages for replacement stones and filters that can be ordered to your door in a couple of clicks. If you want better skin and hair, start showering with Showery.